Elementary Drumstick Set

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Elementary Drumstick Set

by Ewa November 28, 2016
  • IDEAL FOR ELEMENTARY LEVEL – for elementary level music students and professionals.
  • HIGH QUALITY WOODEN HANDLES –  Made with shock absorbing hickory wood and light,    fast-playing maple wood.
  • VERSATILE DRUMSTICK HOLDER – A versatile drumstick bag with shoulder strap and floor tom straps with clips.
  • ESSENTIAL DRUMSTICK TAPE – Durable drumstick tape to wrap around the drum sticks for reduced slippage and comfortable grip.
  • PRACTICE PAD INCLUDED – There is 1 practice pad provided for quiet practice or warm up before a performance.



This drumstick pack by Moozikpro is perfect for elementary level students and professionals in classroom bands or orchestras. The pack consists of 4 pairs of drumsticks, 2 pieces of drum stick wrap, 1 piece of 6” practice pad and 1 black bag. 2 pairs of drumsticks are made with shock absorbing hickory wood. The other 2 drumstick pairs are made with light and fast-playing maple wood that gives good control. The black bag features 2 additional pockets for drumsticks, shoulder strap & floor tom straps with clips. The pack is completed by practice pads for drum practice and drummer’s stick tape for reduced slippage and comfortable feel.

Product Specification:


SD1 Junior – Diameter: .59″ (1.5cm); Length:15.35″ (39cm), Short Taper, Hickory wood

SD1 Snare – Diameter: .629(1.6cm); Length:16″ (40.64cm), Short Taper, Hickory wood

M3 timpani mallet – Diameter :1.34 (3.4cm ); Length:15.55″ (39.5cm), Maple wood

M6 timpani mallet – Diameter :1.14″ (2.9cm ); Length:14.92″ (37.9cm), Maple wood


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