Percussion Mallets Kit

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Percussion Mallets Kit

by Ewa September 26, 2016
  • GREAT FOR STUDENTS – Intermediate level designed for classrooms bands & orchestras
  • MOST ESSENTIAL SET – 5A drum sticks, BB2 marimba & M6&M3 timpani mallet for focused and warm sound
  • PREMIUM WOODEN HANLDES – Shock absorbing hickory & light fast-playing maple gives more control
  • VERSATILE BAG – Additional 2 pockets for drum sticks, shoulder strap & floor tom straps with clips
  • FREE DRUMMER’S STICK TAPE – For reduced slippage and comfortable grip


Moozikpro percussion mallets and drumstick sets perfect for intermediate level students or professionals. Made of premium materials such as shock absorbing hickory and light fast-playing maple wood. Comes in versatile nylon bag with 2 extra internal drum sticks pockets, shoulder strap, exterior accessories compartment and floor tom straps with clips. Package content: 5A drums sticks – 2 pcs; BB2 medium-hard marimba mallets with blue yarn head and maple handle – 2pcs; M3 timpani mallets with soft maple handles and rubber head for warm sound; M6 timpani mallets with hard maple handle and nylon head for focused sound – 2 pcs. Free drummers tape for reduced slippage and comfortable grip. 100% lifetime satisfaction guaranteed.


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